Mipango App

Smart Spending

Using e-wallets, spend from specific Budget or Goal wallets and transfer money between wallets for better management of your money. i.e. transport wallet, utility bills wallet, food wallets etc.

Increase Income Sources

Get notifications on investment options to go for based on your income, risk appetite and investor level.i.e Real estate, Entrepreneurship, Bonds, UTT etc.

Personal Dashboard

Know where your money went! Your income and spending analysis in one page, simplified and with recommendations on where to improve.

Download Mipango App & Manage your Income, Expenses, Saving, Investments & Personal Goals

Track spend across channels

Record your daily income and expenses from your Cash, Bank and Mobile money channels.

Financial products Recommendations

AI based recommendations on financial products you qualify for and should take up to ease your cash flow, spend smartly, save more, grow your income and achieve your goals faster .i.e Insurance, Loans etc.


Get Daily, weekly, Yearly personal income and expenses reports.