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How my life changed during the COVID-19 Pandemic! As told by a 10-year-old.

COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus. Coronavirus is a dangerous disease that kills people. It started in China then spread all over the world!


I still remember the 1st day I heard about coronavirus and how it quickly moved from just a thing we talk about in school to a scary condition in the country. I got frightened not knowing if I had it or not and if I do, I could die! Imagine a disease with no symptoms that kills!! After a few days, we were told there is no school because of coronavirus, and my life was turned upside down, literally!


It’s exactly 131 days since I last hangout with ANY of my friends, go to school, met other kids nor go to a restaurant. I terribly miss my friends and hanging out with them and making new friends. I don’t really like the idea of the lockdown because of not going out although it also protects us from getting infected. And if you get infected you will be put in a room and no people are allowed to visit you. Terrible right?

…anyway, after a few weeks of no school, we started online classes. I felt a bit happy at least I got to see my classmates and teachers but it still wasn’t the same, talk about sitting through a whole “meeting” session without asking questions to the teacher, nudging the teacher when you haven’t understood something, collecting your homework and get some feedback or simply whisper something to your friend. It’s pretty one-way communication. While I am glad my teachers are making the effort to keep us learning and sincerely appreciate what technology and the school managed to make work immediately after the crisis…I still wouldn’t trade classroom interaction for this new normal. One thing I love about online classes though is the flexibility of going to class just as it starts and not worry about being ready hours early, aaahh my good night sleep! I also enjoy moving around as I am still in a classroom session to pick this or that, can you imagine moving around in class when the teacher is teaching? I can hear the screams in my head.


As a kidpreneur, the lockdown has been the best thing that has happened since forever! I get to stay home and concentrate on my business and I earn a bit of money, do a lot of online courses on entrepreneurship and personal development, read a lot of physical and free online books, bond with my parents as we talk about business, watch a lot of YouTube educational and spiritual videos!! the list is endless! I know after the Covid19 is over, I am not the same Tracy I was!!! I also managed to release a new book called “What You Should Know Before You Start Saving!” I mean… It’s been great!


Then comes by baby siblings, always on my case with this or that. Sometimes you wouldn’t know if their purpose in life is to tear my stuff up, switch off anything I switch on, breaking my stuff, mess up my room or just destroy my business write-ups that I never saved! Then you get angry at them and as soon as you start scolding them, the little one says “I want you” (in her head she is saying, I love you), with a sweet innocent smile and ahh…the chubby cheeks!


I sound confusing, right? I know, who isn’t? The adults too, one minute my parents love that they get to spend more time at home and bond with us kids, the next minute they are complaining about the economy?!? I think with Corona, we are all allowed to be confused, Scientists too…one minute they say Corona is spread by touching people/places then your face, the next breaking news says it’s an airborne disease.


All in all, I would like to still stay home and spend more time with my family even more, or do I?

Tracy C. Rabi 

Founder: Kids Finance with Tracy

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