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Don’t you ever give up!!!

I started this entrepreneurship journey when I was in primary school when I used would sell my things some money to spoil to get extra money for the holidays. My mom would find out at times and would get angry about it, I would stop but keep doing it. I would like to believe that’s where my journey started.

It was early 2015 when I joined a start-up accelerator called Techstars in Cape Town for 3 productive months that changed my life for good. It is through that experience that I developed my love for innovation and tech. As a result of that experience ever since I came back I have been trying different projects and brainstorming here and there till I found the right product to bring into the market which is my amazing company MIPANGO FINTECH. Now I must say that the journey was tough knowing what I needed to do but I didn’t know where to start and those who were around me could not understand my dream. I Studied LAW in University so I had to learn how to run a business in the corporate world the hard way. There were days when I almost gave up, when the people you count on the most let you down, there are days when you feel like the project is too big for you to run once you receive that invoice and you start asking yourself whether you have bitten more than you can chew. There are days when you know you can do it and all you need is to put more effort and take one more step.

I don’t have a role model as I believe there can only be one Oprah or Michelle Obama [don’t get me wrong I admire their work and achievements] hence my mom is my biggest motivator. The aim of giving her the finest things in life and making her proud is the biggest motivation to be the best version of myself.

Through this journey I have learnt to never give up, never let anyone project their fears or insecurities to you by making you think or feel you can’t make it just because you haven’t figured it all out yet. Remember that learning is a process. And failing gives you one more reason to keep trying till you get it right and prove them wrong. Always trust your gut and your process.

I don’t remember where I read this but there’s a quote that says” do you want to be a leader that leads with the heart or the head? {Meaning brain} because these two people are not the same, they are pros and cons of choosing any of the two, so choose wisely!!! I will let you choose that for yourself Lol. The moral of the story behind it is that you don’t need to step on others for your star to shine the brightest. There’s plenty of room for everyone and if you ever make it in life don’t lose your motivation.

I have also learnt all about my purpose in life thanks to [PLF] Sessions and also letting GOD do his thing by trusting his ways and obeying him. He knows the end before the beginning so I let him take the driver seat.

As I wind up I would like to share something that has helped me not to lose focus through this journey and that is having a vision board where I have mapped out the whole journey from the beginning to the end of where I want to see my company in the next 5 years. I keep changing some things but truth be told it has helped me a lot.

Agness Mollel
Muanzilishi , Mipango Fintech Ltd

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